Roger L. Liles  decided he needed to earn a living after BA and graduate studies in Modern European History; he went back to school and in 1971 earned an MS in Engineering from USC.


In the 1960s, he was stationed in Turkey and Germany for five years as a US Air Force Signals Intelligence Officer; he eventually lived in Europe for almost 8 years. He worked in the military electronics field for forty years—his main function was to translate engineering jargon into understandable English and communicate it both written and verbal to senior decision makers in the US government.


In the mid-1990s, he took novel writing at UCLA, finishing his first novel in the process. Now retired, he spends most of his time writing novels but also dotes over his collectibles including a huge library which contains almost a thousand leather-bound books; some from as early as the 16th century.

His third novel and the first to be published , The Berlin Tunnel--A Cold War Thriller, was released through Acorn Publishing in October of 2018 and sold over 1300 copies in the first three months.

He has started on a prequel/sequel to this novel which will take the story from 1946 through 1962.  It will be titled The Berlin Tunnel--Another Crisis.