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I decided I had to earn a living after a BA and graduate studies in Modern European History. I went back to school and eventually earned an MS in Engineering from the University of Southern California in 1970.


In the 1960s, I served as an Air Force Signals Intelligence Officer in Turkey and Germany and eventually lived in Europe for a total of eight years. I worked in the military electronics field for forty years—my main function was to translate engineering jargon into understandable English and communicate it to senior decision-makers in the government.

Now retired after working for forty years as a senior engineering manager and consultant with a number of aerospace companies, I spend my days writing. My first novel, which was published in late 2018, was titled The Berlin Tunnel—A Cold War Thriller. To my surprise and delight, almost instantly, it made #13 on the Amazon Best Sellers List. It has received a large number of favorable reviews and has a 4.3 of 5 stars on Goodreads.


My second novel, The Cold War Begins, has just been published and is the second volume in my planned The Cold War Trilogy. My trilogy is based on extensive research into Berlin during the spy-versus-spy era which followed World War II, and my personal experience while living and working in Europe for 8 years. I am in the process of writing the third volume of the trilogy, which will be titled Another Crisis. It takes the story into 1962 and the era of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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