★★★★★ "Exceptional!  The settings and descriptions are vivid and real.  The author is a master of making the reader want to know what happens next.”

    -Karen Black, Author of Code of Conduct


 ★★★★★  "This story was captivating.  A good history lesson as well as a good read.  You get out of one tension-filled event only to have another start almost immediately.”

   -USN Captain Terry Badger, Author of The Saga of HS-6

★★★★★ Excellent. Top notch both as a thriller and a good guide to history of its times. Sympathetic characters in believable situations.

    -Jean Barber, Goodreads Reviewer


★★★★★ Good story -- compelling plot -- realistic spycraft from the cold war era.

    -Code Toad, Amazon Reviewer






  • # 13 on Amazon's Best Sellers List for New Releases in Historical Mystery, Thriller, and Suspense Fiction

  • Over 2200 copies sold 

  • ★★★★★ 4.43 out of 5 Stars with 65 ratings and 15 reviews on Goodreads

  • ★★★★★ 4.3 out of 5 stars for 30 reviews on Amazon

Summary of

The Berlin Tunnel--

A Cold War Thriller

Published in October 2018 by Acorn Press 

During the Cold War, a tunnel was built by British MI-6 and the CIA from the American Sector of West Berlin into East Berlin; it allowed the allies to tap into a buried communications cable  and successfully intercepted and exploited communications between the Warsaw Pact countries and  Russia. Shortly after it became operation, the Russians "discovered" it. The Berlin Tunnel--A Cold War Thriller is fictional account of how a second tunnel might have been built into East Berlin before, during, and after the closing of the Berlin Wall and the Berlin Crisis in 1961.

* * *

In the height of the Cold War, American Air Force Captain Robert Kerr finds himself in a divided Berlin awash with spies who move freely between the East and West. His task—build a TOP SECRET tunnel under the River Spree into East Berlin—tap into highly classified communications links between civilian and military leaders in Russia and the Warsaw Pact countries.

Love couldn’t have found him at a worse time.


Soon after he arrives, Robert falls for a German girl, Anna Fischer. Nasty East German Secret Police harass them both constantly, intent on determining what Robert and his work crew are doing in Berlin, but it’s Anna who gets caught in the crossfire.

The wall is closed, trapping 18 million East Germans including Anna’s entire family behind the Iron Curtain. As the world holds its collective breath over the Berlin Crisis, Robert and Anna fight for their lives as they attempt to free her family.

  • THE BERLIN TUNNEL--A COLD WAR THRILLER is available in HARDBACK and PAPERBACK from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

  • It is also available in EBOOK form from Kindle, Nook, Apple, Google Play, Kobo, Scribd, 24 Symbols, and Playster.

  • An AUDIO BOOK version performance recorded by Daniel F. Purcell is now available from Audible, Apple I-Tunes and Amazon


Summary of

The Cold War Begins

 In late 1946, Kurt Altschuler arrives in the divided city of Berlin. His job as an Associate Press News Agency reporter serves as a cover for his true role as a CIA agent. His first assignment is to establish a spy network that covers the Russian occupied zone of Germany.

Two years later, during the Berlin Blockade, he meets Erica Hoffmann, a beautiful East German archeology student. Any relationship between a CIA agent and an East German woman is strictly forbidden; she might be part of a ‘honey pot sting.’ Love could not have found them at a worse moment. Their tempestuous relationship keeps Kurt in Berlin and on the front lines of the Cold War for the next thirteen years.

The 1953 East German uprising, which was violently suppressed by Russian tanks, is a seminal event in Kurt and Erica’s stormy love life. The next year, Kurt is tasked with managing the construction of the first Berlin Tunnel; if successfully completed, it would allow the British MI6 and the CIA to monitor communist communication throughout Russian-occupied Europe.

Ultimately Kurt becomes Chief Operations Officer for CIA station Berlin. In that capacity, he manages the EAST-WEST spy-versus-spy interactions in Berlin for years. His experience allows him to direct his subordinates when the Berlin Wall is closed, the Berlin Crisis occurs, and a second tunnel is built into East Berlin. He yearns for action and even risks brief excursions behind the Iron Curtain.

The novel begins and ends with a deadly confrontation between Kurt, a rogue CIA agent, and three Stasi Agents in an abandoned warehouse in East Berlin.